Conflict Revolution

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Conflict Revolution studies and practice self-aware communication skills and conflict support from a revolutionary, anarchist, and abolitionist perspective. Intentional education in these skills has an inherently anarchist-feminist root as it reduces the burden of mediation on those socially expected to be more emotionally intelligent (generally non-men). We aim to develop and share skills needed for communities to resolve their own conflicts through readings, discussions, and practicing existing conflict mediation techniques.

About Us

We met regularly from August through December 2017 (a.k.a Season 1) and have been on hiatus since them. Season 2 is set to begin March 28th!

Because we don't meet at a public location, Conflict Revolution is a semi-closed group. If you're interested in joining us, attend a General Assembly or a MACC_Anarchx-Feminist public meeting.

Season 2 - Syllabus & Schedule

We'll be meeting every other Wednesday starting March 28th.

Date Discussion Skills
Week 1 3/28/2018 Whare are you hoping to get out of this group?

What experience do you have with conflicts & conflict support?

Levels of Listening
Week 2 4/11/2018 Mediation demo and discussion/debrife Uninterrupted listening
Week 3 4/25/2018 Conflict vs abuse Reflection and Generating Movement
Week 4 5/9/2018 Reading TBD Emotional self-awareness

Asking open questions

Week 5 5/23/2018 Reading TBD Stages of mediation

Mediator self check-in

Week 6 6/6/2018 Reading TBD Building an agenda

Generating and assessing options

Week 7 6/20/2018 Reading TBD Conflict role play
Week 8 7/4/2018 Where do we do want to go from here?  Conflict role play
Week 9 7/18/2018 Start planning for season 3 and what's next for Conflict Revolution