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Workshop GuideEdit

This page was originally set up for our gif-making workshop, check out the tutorial from the workshop for some step by step help getting started.

Giphy ToolsEdit

GIPHY Gif MakerEdit

In GIPHY's gif maker you can add text, effects, and "stickers" on top of a still image, video or other gif.

You'll find the Gif Maker at or by clicking "Create" on GIPHY's homepage.

Other GIPHY AppsEdit

GIPHY Cam is a phone app for making gifs!

GIPHY Capture is a screen capturing tool, it's useful for capturing parts of videos.



Piskel is a webapp for making video game sprites, but it can totally handle gif-sized images and it really great for making simple hand-drawn animations.



Both GIMP (an open source image editor) and Photoshop have options to export your layers as a gif. This can be pretty clunky, but is an option for a gif with very few frames.

Video Editing SoftwareEdit

When it comes right down to it, a gif is mostly a short repeatable video. If you know how to use any video editing software you can turn that into a gif!


"Gifsicle is a command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations."

Gifsicle can be useful for resizing gifs that have too large a file size: gifsicle big.gif --colors 256 --resize-width 200 > small.gif

Download it here:


ImageMagick is a very powerful image editing library. It's another command line app used in a terminal and has a steep learning curve.

There is one simple commands that can get you started: convert *.png out.gif This take all the png files in your directory and makes them each a frame of an animated gif.

Download it here:

Sharing GifsEdit

Sometimes sharing gifs can be hard if a site doesn't play well with them. Use GIPHY for this! They have ways to share and export for a bunch of platforms.


Some of the power of these tools come from combining them in fun ways:

  • Import a gif from GIPHY into piskel, draw on top of it.
  • Export gif from Piskel in GIPHY, to add text and effects!
  • Create an image in photoshop or GIMP, import it Piskel and edit.
  • Export gif from GIPHY editor, and put it right back into the GIF maker to add more text.