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How to write the Organizing Assembly Reminder Email

Gather Info

Note: "Organizing Assembly" and "General Assembly" will be abbreviated as "OA" and "GA" (respectively) below

  • find out the date, time, and location of the next OA and GA
    • if you don't know, check the [MACC Internal] list archives or ask the comms signal loop
  • find the FB event link for the OA
  • find out what is likely to be on the agenda for the OA
    • check [MACC Internal] for an email containing this info
    • or ask the comms signal loop
  • find out if there are any campaign updates or new clips the comms team wants to include
    • ask comms signal thread

Create Email

Note: emails in MailChimp are called "campaigns"

  • login to mailchimp:
  • find the last campaign that was about an OA, which you can do by:
  • create a new campaign:
    • click "create" in the upper-righthand corner
    • click "email"
    • name the campaign <MONTH DATE> Organizing Assembly
    • choose recipients (pick "MACC NYC")
    • add subject: "MACC Organizing Assembly: <DAY, DATE, TIME> @ <LOCATION>"
    • pick a template (there is one that is obviously for organizing assemblies)
    • click "content" and edit the content in the righthand pange
    • be sure to:
      • change the date, location, and FB event link for the OA (both in the header and email body)
      • change the date and FB event link for the next GA
      • update the agenda of the OA
      • update "campaign update" listings (if any)
    • click "save and close"

Get Sign-off

  • copy and paste the url for your draft email
  • send it to the comms signal loop and ask some to proof and send it


You did a great job. Here's a gif: https://giphy.com/embed/289ScILwOlY6bt5hYK"