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MACC Information & Outreach Project (MIOP) is a working group that focuses on promoting anarchist cultural and educational opportunities in NYC for broad range of people interested in radical ideas. MIOP does this by sponsoring and organizing cultural events that promote anarchism and revolutionary ideas. MIOP creates informational projects that help educate members of MACC and the public about the history and philosophy of anarchism. MIOP supports outreach efforts and provides orientations to anarchist culture. MIOP seeks to add cultural and educational elements to our revolutionary project.

MIOP Projects

General Assembly Booklet: MIOP produces a monthly companion booklet for the MACC General Assemblies. This booklet has reportbacks from the working groups; agenda and dates of upcoming GAs; NYC Anarchist History; Anarchist Cultural Profile; Calandar of upcoming MEA events; and more.

GA Literature Table: MIOP sets up and coordinates the anarchist literature table at the GA and outside events. It provides free literature on many anarchist topics and flyers for local anarchist groups

Anarchist Newsreel: MIOP produces an 8 minute monthly newsreel of anarchist events from around the globe to educate and inspire.

MACC Socials: MIOP believes culture creates politics and thus hosts a variety of socials for MACC comrades and sometimes the general public to particpate in and get to know each other. Some are speaking or cultural events and others are just meet ups at friendly bars and coffee places.

Burning Reels: MIOP supports Burning Reels a bimonthly radical film screening at the Spectacle.

General Assembly Orientation: MIOP coordinates and facilitates the MACC orientation for new folks, that occurs a 1/2 hour before each General Assembly.

Anarchists Care About Books: ACAB is an off shoot of MIOP that runs a monthly book club at Bluestockings bookstore. Find more information at .