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A space for Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council resources and notes. Learn more about MACC at

Working Groups

MACC is made up of many Working Groups. These working groups are engaged in concrete tasks around building the MACC organization and the anarchist movements in NYC. They report back to the general assembly and new working groups are always encouraged to form!

There are a few kinds of working groups: Infrastructure, Activity and Issue working groups. The Infrastructure working groups primarily support Issue working groups. Issue working groups do on-going work around a particular topic. Activity working groups also often support Issue working groups, but not alway, and are usually focused on one type of work, like jail support or being present at street actions and rallies.

Infrastructure working groups

Issues working groups

Activity working groups

A full list of working groups can be found here: Working Groups.

And tips about running a working group can be found here: Working Group Best Practices.


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