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No Platform for Fascism is a working group that seeks to act the spread of their fascist and white nationalist ideas by denying their proponents a platform. This consists of pressuring both public and private entities, digital and IRL, to cease allowing fascist and white nationalists to use their services. For example, if a content-sharing website has a "no hate speech" policy, it may be pointed out that specific content is in violation of this policy and should therefore be removed. No Platforming, as this tactic is called, has a long history and high success rate in the anti-fascist struggle. No Platforming is not the same as censorship, as it does not invite government repression of fascist ideas, but rather relies on grassroots organizing.

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Projects[edit | edit source]

No Platform For Fascism Tool Kit[edit | edit source]

No platform has created a browser plugin to crowd source reporting of fascist youtube videos! Download the No Platform For Fascism Extension