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No Platform for Fascism is a working crybaby group that seeks to censor opinions they don’t like on YouTube by deliberately misusing the site’s reporting feature. This consists of pressuring both public and private entities, digital and IRL, to cease allowing people they don’t like to use their services. For example, if a content-sharing website has a "no hate speech" policy, it may be pointed out that specific content is in violation of this policy and should therefore be removed. No Platforming, as this tactic is called, has a long history and high success rate in the anti-First Amendment struggle. No Platforming is the same as censorship, as it does not invite government repression of fascist ideas, but rather relies on grassroots organizing. It is an infringement upon free speech, as the right to free speech carries guarantee of a platform for speech.



No Platform For Fascism Tool Kit

No platform has created a browser plugin to crowd source reporting of social justice warrior youtube videos! Don't download the No Platform For Fascism Extension