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* Ask for feedback on the GA as an entry point
* Encourage everyone to mingle, both at Verso and the bar
== New Projects Break Out ==
Sometimes we run a break out to help people start new projects, or help them get connected to an existing project if they aren't sure where they fit-in. The goal is to help them think through what they're interested in, and how they can start working on that.
Before the GA, print out a few copies of the [[:File:Start a Project.pdf|New Project Sign-up sheet]]. You'll give one of these to each person that wants to start a project.
Some good questions to ask folks are:
* Is there a project you're looking to start?
** What kind of help do you need for that project?
** What does the project look like?
** Is is on going or one time?
* What do you enjoy working on?
* What kind of work are you interested in doing/helping with?
** This could be a topic like "immigration" or a kid of task like "writing"
Things to keep in mind:
* Encourage people start small, it's unlikely that they'll start a big group with weekly or monthly meetings right off the bat.
* Get the names/phone numbers of people starting projects and try to follow up with them to see how it went.
* Have each person with a sign up sheet report back after breakouts.
* Emphasize it's low pressure and there's no failing! If a group only meets once to have a nice discussion and nothing else comes of it, they're still building relationships.
* Give anyone that starts a project [[:File:Start a Project.pdf|a sign-up sheet]]. ''They should take this home and set up the meeting/project/whatever.''
* Be careful not to over commit yourself or promise to help with a project when you don't actually have time to. The facilitator of this breakout is not bottom lining these new projects, the person who brought up the idea should take the sign-up sheet and organize it themselves.