Working Group Best Practices

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Keeping a working group active and organized is no simple task! Here's a collection of tips and tricks we've lear so far that help keep things moving.

The Basics

As stated in our Organizing Document, working groups are expected to report back to the General Assembly. That means sending one representative to the monthly GA to give an update about your group. Other than that, there's no hard requirements for working groups but here are some things that can help your working group stay plug-in to the rest of MACC:

  • Have one group member attend the monthly organizing meeting.
  • Have anyone helping run the group join the organizing email list.
  • Send a written report back to MIOP for the GA booklet.
  • Have a spokes person for your working group join the MACC Money Spokes.
  • Add/update the wiki page for your working group.
  • Have a way for external folks to contact your working group.


There are a few different ways working groups communicate, some use Signal, some use email lists, some use other online chat platforms. There are pros and cons of each! In MACC most working groups organize on Signal threads.

Open vs Closed working groups

Coming soon!

Finding places to meet

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