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Discord definition
Signal is an encrypted messaging app commonly used by activist. There are iPhone, Android, and Desktop apps, download and read more on their website
Organizing meeting
TODO Organizing definition
General Assembly
A open monthly meeting where working groups report back about their work, new projects are brainstormed, and community connections are made. If you're looking to plug into MACC you should start by attending a General Assembly, often referred to as "the GA". Look for upcoming dates on our calendar!
A facilitator helps to guide a group through a meeting or discussion. They listen to, reflect on, and synthesize information that is spoken, written, or felt in the group. They encourage participation by asking questions and helping to clarify what people want to say or do.
TODO Consensus definition
TODO Horizontalism definition
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TODO Stack definition
The Base
The Base is an anarchist community center and meeting space in Bushwick. MACC holds meetings there on occasion and you'll usually find banners being made, books being discussed, and interesting political conversation going on.
Bluestockings is a radical bookstore and community center in the LES. Public anarchist events are often held here, and it's not unusual to run into other activist if you happen to drop by.
Rojava (YPG and YPJ)
TODO Rojava definition
Spanish Civil War
TODO Spanish definition
TODO Zapatistas definition