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The dual function of MACC Press is to respond to queries from outside journalists and to create our own movement media. With the recent surge of interest in radical forms of political struggle, words like "antifa," "black bloc," and "anarchist" are entering the common parlance of even mainstream press outlets. We believe that right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to add depth to the wider public's understanding of anarchist politics and to expand our movement.

MACC Press is created in solidarity with the many radical initiatives already doing great work nationally and in the New York area. Our aim is to serve these initiatives as a ready tool: this includes acting as press liaisons for groups who would like to disseminate information about their projects, but lack media infrastructure or cannot speak directly to media for fear of compromising their members. Through a number of means - whether articles, video, artwork, social media or interviews - MACC Press is dedicated to resisting today's proto-fascism in the public sphere - with the pen as well as in the streets.

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