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Mission[edit | edit source]

fuck it, masc off! is a consciousness-raising coalition formed in response to the misogyny that pervades all aspects of society including the ways cis men normalize rape and sexual assault, fail to take hardline anti-sexist positions and actions, neglect and devalue support roles and labor often left for women and nonbinary comrades, and sideline discussions on and actions against gendered violence on all scales. We work with the knowledge and understanding that this behavior is found in activist circles. Identifying as an activist does not absolve anyone from mysogynist tendencies.

fuck it, masc off! is a working group created within the context of MACC, and was formed for the following purposes:

  1. To create a space in which cis-male allies can discuss ways to support their MACC comrades and to create Saf(er) spaces for non cis-male members within MACC
  2. To discuss ways in which we can work to undermine patriarchal and toxic customs and habits within ourselves and MACC at large.
  3. To create avenues of accountability for those who have transgressed boundries of mutual respect, and who (though micro or macro aggressions, lack of consent, sexist/transphobic/racist/abelist/ageist speech) have made non-cis male comrades feel unsafe within MACC spaces.

To accomplish these aims, we promise to

  1. In the early stages of the project, meet regularly to better understand our purpose within MACC, as well as our limits
  2. Coordinate with other MACC working groups (i.e. Anarchx Feminists) to better understand how we can create Saf(er) Sapces within Macc
  3. Be transparent to the greater community to allow for feedback/critique, so as not to become a closed-looped group.

The way this group has been operating, so far, is by its participants coming together for readings and discussions on building a culture of anti-sexism within MACC and our own personal lives. Many conversations so far have revolved around deconstructing where racialized cisheteropatriarchy comes from, how it operates, its consequences within radical spaces, and how to take steps against it. Most often it is the case that responding to a perpetrator of gendered aggression and the consequences of his actions becomes the burden of womyn and nonbinary, which is draining and takes their time and energy away from other organizing. We propose that cis men need to take tangible steps towards dismantling the patriarchy that divides us from womyn, nonbinary and queer comrades and the culture of rape and gendered violence that enforces those divisions.

We hope to be a resource for MACC, helping in the creation of spaces through which members can self-actualize and take part in the MACC community

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

ASC (Awareness Support Corner)[edit | edit source]

A recent Masc. Off initiative, ASC is a project that looks to help in the creation of Safer Spaces at shows and concerts. Volunteers are available to talk to folks who feel unsafe at a show, being there to just listen, and/or direct them to resources that they need in that moment. We also hand out free snacks! We work with venues and promoters to make sure that everyone in attendance knows that in a worst case situation, they don't have to be alone. Catch us at an event, or one of our monthly trainings, and follow them on twitter at @ascnyc

Project SEAD[edit | edit source]

The first initiative from this working group, Project SEAD, focuses on four concepts to help facilitate more conversation around Safer Spaces within MACC, as well as support Femme, Trans, NB, and/or GNC folk within the MACC Community. These concepts are as follows:

  • Support- Supporting Femme, Trans, NB, and/or GNC folk with their projects/events (i.e. showing up, logistics)
  • Education- Creating programming to increase awareness around topics such as Saf(er) Spaces and Toxic Masculinity
  • Accountability- Create procedures that allow for avenues of feedback, with the eventual goal of outlining an accountability process when Saf(er) Spaces are transgressed
  • Development- Help in the promotion, creation, and facilitation of workshops that helps new members learn the skills they need to take on projects/responsibilities within MACC

The hope is that, through this initiative, we create a space in which the MACC community actively has conversations around boundaries, limits, and security, as well as prioritize historically marginalized identities as part of the conversation.