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British English: {{{1}}}

Template documentation


Template:Lang-en-XX usage

To name a more specific regional variety, such as Scottish English, use the |var= parameter:

  • {{Lang-en-GB|1=Och, that lorry crash at the railway was an awful stramash. |var=Scottish}}
  • Scottish English: Och, that lorry crash at the railway was an awful stramash.

The Var value must exist as an article or redirect of the form "Var English language", e.g. Scottish English language, resolving to an article on that variety, or a redirect to British English or a section thereof. If such an article exists, but at a different name, e.g. Cornish English, ensure that a redirect to it exists at Cornish English language. Do not abuse the template to refer to dialects outside Great Britain.

To give the dialect name parenthetically after the content, use the |paren= parameter:

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