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Working Groups

From Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council

A loose list of more or less active projects and MACC Working Groups. This list is partial, ever changing and we have several listed and unlisted projects and groups that are impacted by conditions of covid. MACC members are welcome to pitch and form new Working Groups. The Organizing Assembly is an ideal space for considering the need for new groups.

Working Groups marked "closed" do not mean you can't join them - but that the working group "screens" new members generally for security reasons. Whether this is just a quick getting-to-know-you, attending a meeting, or it requires more long-term acquaintance varies by working group need. We welcome interest - and it's not meant to discourage participation.

Active Meeting (Regularly Scheduled Meetings) Working Groups/Projects:    

  • Mutual Aid Network,     (Signal group and coordinated on Loomio, regular Mutual Aid Monday meetings Monday evenings)
  • Information and Outreach “Project” - MIOP (Signal group and biweekly video call meetings: projects have included reading groups, film screening series, book and pamphlet publishing, writing, tabling, cultural events, and social events for MACC community. Currently trying to launch an online anarchist journal and finalize an anarchist Primer     perfect-bound book for free giveaway at events.)
  • Direct Action - MDAWG (Regular Thursday evening meetings – primarily virtual during winter. For safety and security, new participants aren’t added to Signal group until attending working group meetings. Plans actions, coordinates street events, etc.)
  • Anarchists Care About Books - ACAB (open reading group coordinated by listserv, rotates fiction and non-fiction, currently meets virtually – formerly at  Bluestockings),
  • Strategic Action Reading GroupSARG (MACC internal reading group, focused on ideas for MACC with rotating topics like Mutual Aid, Housing Justice, Racial Justice and decolonizing Anarchist Traditions, etc.),

Thematic Working Groups:

These working groups are often project based, campaign or issue themed. For this reason their activity often fluctuates, sometimes highly active and meeting regularly and sometimes more quiet, but maintain standing Signal threads and other infrastructure for when needs, issues, or key events do pop-up. You’re encouraged to treat them as thematic forums and pools of people with similar skills and interests to pitch new projects, initiate meetings, get support for new ideas, and to request particular needs.

  • Anarchist Feminist Working Group (Signal Group and E-mail Listserv. Not open to cis-men. This working group is currently not regularly meeting. It has done everything from hosting discussions to taking on actions/campaigns, like one to support Anna Chambers - who was assaulted by police in NYC.)
  • Restorative Justice Circle/ Conflict Resolution and Accountability
  • Rojava Solidarity Direct Action/Fundraising (A kind of informal coalition, including MACC members, that has worked on medical fundraising and participating in solidarity direct actions when needed to support Rojava. Maintains Signal groups.)
  • Ecology/Food Sovereignty
  • Indigenous Solidarity (Just starting to meet again regularly, but has been active in dialogue with Lenape Center, writing land acknowledgements and educational pieces to introduce assemblies, and in outreach. Maintains a Signal group.)

Infrastructural working groups:

Infrastructural working groups are standing groups that fulfill very specific administrative or long term roles in MACC. For this reason, some of these are only activated in certain moments (like arrests for Legal and Jail and Court Support). However, many have met and carried on active projects at different times. For example – Legal and Press were extremely active after the 2016 J20 Inauguration mass arrests as part of a national network of solidarity organizers - doing national press and legal support. Communications uniquely has daily work running MACC's online presence and we encourage those interested to check it out!

  • Arts and Propaganda - MAP (project based - requests for design/layout/artwork/etc. In the past this working group has also planned demonstration art builds, banner making, artistic/cultural events for moments like May Day, and other projects.)
  • Press (Signal group. Primarily for relaying press requests, finding participants willing to do interviews, comments, and statements. Has also done research and security trainings in the past.)
  • Legal (Closed for security but legal professionals, longer time organizers  always needed. Runs a hotline to report arrests/legal issues related to MACC and ensures Jail and Court Support, lawyers, etc. are notified for hearings, arraignments, etc.)
  • Finances/Money     (Closed for security, but dedicated organizers always needed. Manages the books and any administrative need with dispensing money.)
  • Jail and Court Support (Signal group - mobilized in event of arrests, project based and has had events in the past such as gift bag making for those leaving central bookings.)
  • Communications WG     (Closed, but has open meetings at regular schedule to show its work and invite new members in. The WG consenses on new participants. This working group is always in need of more help covering: website, e-mail, social media - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, listervs, and other important online admin. Signal group.)

Allied and affiliated projects:

  • Jane Addams Collective (Closed group - many MACC members but meetings conflict with Assembly times, meaning we often dont hear from them! Radical mental health and social workers who have run a number of programs (Mutual Aid Self-Therapy), published short books on MAST and trauma, and offered a mental health hotline for demonstrations. They can be contacted at if interested),
  • Tenant Union, Eviction Defense and Rent Strike Organizing (distributed due to local specificity, if interested can try to connect you to individual organizers)

Loose efforts/projects:

  • Intergroup Outreach (Signal group - trying to line up speakers from other groups for assemblies and events to build intermovement networks and awareness.)
  • Anti-racist organizing (Ongoing one-off discussions, aspects of reading     groups, and Organizing Assemblies)

Closed for Covid:

  • Burning Frames - monthly anarchist film series at Spectacle Theater

Tips about running a working group can be found here: Working Group Best Practices.